In our society we encounter so many disabled people everyday and we know that they need some kind of help. Help in terms of financial or sometimes they just need their moral lifted. But we don’t know how to do that. So we just end up having pity for them.

In India the ratio of disabled people is 21%. There are so many institutions working for the uplifting of disabled people. But they are working on the national level and sometimes it happens that due to the size of their operations they cannot reach everywhere especially in smaller cities, cities like Morbi, Halwad or Surendranagar.

Armed with all this information Mr. Ashwinbhai Kanani had a vision for such an institution which can provide the day to day necessities of the Physically Challenged people of Morbi and suburbs of Morbi.

This way Shri Morbi Vikalang Prerna Trust was started on 20th June 2000 by Mr. Ashwinbhai Purushottambhai Kanani. The aim of the trust was to uplift the Physically Challenged people of Morbi Financially as well as Socially.

The members in the management committee of the trust are as follows:
1. Mr. Harkanbhai Popatbhai Parekh – President
2. Mr. Dhaval Sureshchandra Baga – Treasurer
3. Mr. Maheshbhai Mohnani – Secretary
4. Mr. punjabhai hankhodiya – Ad. Secretary